CAT Wheel Loaders

(6 – 15 Tonne)


  • Models ranging from 906M (5,730kg) to 930M (14,235kg)
  • UK Manufactured
  • Available with various arrangements of loading arms, wheels and tyres & attachments
  • Lift with Control:
    • Caterpillar’s optimised Z-bar linkage maximises digging efficiency as well as ensuring parallel lift while using forks both help you handle loads efficiently, safely and precisely
  • Get more from your tyres:
    • Reduce the wear on your tyres with rimpull control
    • Adjust the torque up or down to match the ground conditions and minimise tyre spin.
  • No-hassle emissions system:
    • The Cat engine in these machines is designed to manage itself. You don’t have to monitor any lights or gauges
    • The 906/7/8M has a fit for life clean emissions module, that works without any operator intervention
    • The 910/914/920 only requires the addition of DEF Fluid when required in its after-treatment module.

For full details and spec see the CAT website here:

Call your local sales representative for more information.